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Canon 5D Mark III
Newer model: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

My full frame working horse. Despite its age it’s a robust, solid and reliable camera that never let me down in any situation. Should it reach the end of it’s life span, I will go for the successor, the Canon 5D Mark IV, with a newer sensor, higher resolution and increased dynamic range.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

My crop sensor sports and wildlife camera. Ten frames per second is a mark for sports and wildlife photography. Because of the built in interval timer I use it a lot to shoot the footage for my time lapses.

Canon EOS 70D

My first DSLR, bought in 2013 is still in use. Because of the articulated screen, it is my main vlogging camera – and I am not the only one. Over the years it already had two successors, the Canon EOS 80D and now the Canon EOS 90D.


Canon EF 16-35mm f/4

Most of my landscape images were created with this lens. Stabilized and super sharp into the corners, not too expensive and even though it is not as fast as its sibling, the Canon EF 16-35 mm f/2.8L III USM, I use it for astro photography.

Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD SP A007
Newer model: Tamron 24-70mm G2 VC USD

Fast and sharp, a great allround lens when the super wide angle is not suitable. Be careful to turn the stabiliser off when you have it on a Tripod, or it creates weird effects. It has a successor, the Tamron 24-70 mm G2 VC USD, which I haven’t tested yet.

Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 SP Di VC USD
Newer model: Tamron SP 70-200 mm G2 VC USD

My favourite tele zoom lens! Together with the 16-35mm and the 24-70mm, it completes my “holy trinity”. Perfect for portraits, during a wedding this one is always on a full frame body. Like its shorter sibling, there is also a G2 version available, the Tamron SP 70-200 mm G2 VC USD.

Canon EF-S 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

This is the kit lens for the Canon crop sensor cameras and a great walk around lens if you don’t want to carry a lot of kit. It is well known that the Canon STM lenses are great vor filming, due to their silent autofocus system and this is what I mainly use it for – filming!

Canon EF-S 10-22mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM

My choice of super wide angle for the Canon crop sensor cameras. It was my very first wide angle lens and I still love it. It has no stabiliser, which for me is no disadvantage because I use it for landscape photos on a tripod anyway. A more affordable wide angle lens for the Canon crop sensor cameras is the Canon EF-S10-18 mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. A great performer that doesn’t break the bank.

Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4

It performs ok on the full frame but disappoints on the crop cameras. If you are looking for a 50mm prime, then the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 STM is certainly the better choice. It outperforms the f/1.4, for a fraction of the price.

Canon EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM Macro

I love this lens, despite it has been developed about 20 years ago. If you are looking for a macro lens that doesn’t break the bank, see if you can find one on the second hand market. It also produces a wonderful bokeh, which makes it a lovely portrait lens if you have enough light, due to the missing stabiliser. The more modern version is the Canon EF 100 mm f2.8L Macro IS USM. It brings stabilisation and a more modern design.

Canon EF 400mm 1:5.6 L

Another one out of my old lens collection. Unstabilised and leightweight but sharp without stopping it down, makes it a great companion for birds in flight.

Sigma 150-600 mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary

A budget way to step into the world of super telephoto zoom lenses. In my experience it performs good on close distance, like photographing birds. On larger object distances it stays behind the expectations. You should be fully aware that it can not and will not perform like a 500mm or 600mm prime lens. But I guess, for that price, nobody will expect it.

Tripods and Heads

SIRUI Compact Traveler 7C

When capacity for space and weight is limited, this four section Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod is my companion. With less than 1.6kg weight and a folded length of just 48cm, it fits in every travel bag. It comes with Ball Head and can easily be converted into a Monopod. And it certainly is a real bargain!

Gitzo Systematic GT4542LS
Newer model: Gitzo GT4543LS

The Gitzo 4 Series Systematic Carbon Fibre Tripod is the golden middle way between a three series and a 5 series. I was looking for maximum stability for my long esposure photographs, while the 4 section legs still allow for a rather compact transport length. The newer version is the Gitzo GT4543LS.

Novoflex Classicball CB5-II

The ideal match for the 4 series Gitzo tripod. The large ball allows for smooth movement, even with heavy gear. Friction adjustment works well, with the rring system and the locking meachanism is a lever, which allows for super fast action. As a specialty, you can use this ball head upside down. In this mode, the spirit level on top allows adjustment and you don’t need a separate levelling device. This comes in very handy for shooting panoramas.

Novoflex Q-Mount

Arca Swiss quick lock coupling, a perfect match for the Classic Ball head.

Manfrotto 055 XPROB
Newer model: Manfrotto 055 Xpro3

My aluminium tripod which serves well when I need a second system to create time lapses beside my main landscape work. Due to its 90 degree center column, it is my main tripod for table top work. Shooting top down is made rally easy with it. The latest model is the Manfrotto 055 Xpro3.

Manfrotto 498 RC2
Newer model: Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2

The ball head that makes a perfect match for the 055 tripod. The disadvantage in my personal opinion is that it is not equipped with an Arca Swiss compatible quick mount and uses Manfrottos own quick release system. This ball head also has a successor, the Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

When I need stabilisation for my mobile phone, either for vlogging, for hyperlapses or motion timelapses, this handheld device is my choice. The only downside I can find is when I create time- or hyper lapses with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the movies can not directly be used on the Apple Mac. I must convert them first, using Handbrake, a free conversion tool. Other than that it is a great piece of kit.

Joby JB01507-BWW GorillaPod 3K Kit

The jopy gorillapod just holds the Canon 70D with the 18-135mm kit lens. I often use it for vlogging, handheld or stationary. It’s a versatile pice of kit I wouldn’t want to miss anymore.


DJI Mavic Air
Newer model: DJI Mavic Air 2

A lightweight and compact drone that always finds a place in my camera rucksack. The resons why I chose this model are explained in this YouTube video. I recommend to buy the drone in the fly more combo, which comes with two additional betteries, a charging station and a quite handy shoulder bag. DJI has released a successor for this drone, the DJI Mavic Air 2 and if I would buy today, this one would be my choice.

PolarPro Vivid Collection ND-Filter

For filming it is quite important that you choose the correct exposure time, according to the frame rate of the video. Because the Mavic Air doesn’t have a variable aperture, this filter set allows you to adapt accordingly to the light conditions. In addition, the vivid filters are polarising filters.


Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable Bi-color 660 LED Video Light Panel

My video lighting kit – not only for YouTube – comes as a set and includes: 2 Neewer NL660 LED Light panels (in Red) with Barndoors, 2 light stands, 2 power adapters, 4 Li-ion batteries, 4 battery chargers, the power chords and 2 transport bags.

Neewer 2-Pack 6600mAh Li-ion Battery with USB Charger

These Sony-Typer batteries are the ones which I use in my Neewer LED Video lights. This is a set of two, including a dual charger.

Yongnuo YN568EX III

Wireless Master and Slave TTL Flash Speedlite with High Speed Sync for Canon DSLR Camera. They work reliable and do the job for a fraction of the Canon flashes. Only the lid of the battery compartment is a bit flimsy and should be handled with care.


My wireless E-TTL Flash Trigger Kit with LED Screen for Canon including 1X YN622C-TX Controller and 1X YN622 C Transceiver. Even though the Flashes above have a wireless master slave function, this kit makes it much more comfortable to set up and control the off camera flashes.

Yongnuo YN622 C II

Kit of 2 Transceivers for Canon cameras. This is the extension when you work with more than one off camera flash.


A 2 pack of dimmable 160 LED Video Lights. They operate on 6 AA batteries and I highly recommend using rechargebles!

Phot-R 5in1 Collapsible Reflector

A versatile tool to reflect and diffuse light, with 5 different surfaces: Black, White, Silver, Gold and a diffusor.

Bags and Backpacks

Lowepro Pro Tactic 450 AW

Short version: I love this rucksack! It is very comfortable on my back, with enough space to carry two DSLRs with a variety of lenses. It is some sort of a hardshell, that protects my equipment even on the rougher outdoor trips and of course it comes with a rain cover. Quick access from both sides and from top gives you all the flexibility you need.

ThinkTank Retrospective 20

The shoulder bag I’m using when I’m on a city trip and don’t need to carry a tripod. It looks fantastic and the built quality is superb. The reason for choosing the 20 is, that it carries a DSLR with the 70-200mm lens attached.


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