Long Exposure Seascapes – Beginners Class 11.05.2019


Beginners class – half day workshop

Long Exposure photography and seascapes in South Wales

11th May 2019

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Long Exposure photography and seascapes in South Wales

Beginners class – half day workshop

Photographing seascapes has many aspects and even though I present them usually as long exposures, this technique is not mandatory. Moving water, motion in the waves, spray and splashes when the waves break on the rocks and the surrounding scenery presents a wide variety in photography.

I would like to invite you to a half day workshop at a beautiful beach in South Wales. The bay with sandy beach, high cliffs and unique rock formations gives us tons of photogenic opportunities. During the day I would like to guide you through all the different aspects, beginning with choosing the right gear, changing light situations, composition, focus aspects and the creative use of filters.

Generally this workshop is addressed to beginners as well as ambitious advanced photographers.

You will be learning the basics of long exposure photography. The creative use of filters in photography, like polariser, neutral density and graduated neutral density filters. When are we using them, why and what do we want to achieve – and when is it better not to use them?

  • Image composition, lead-in lines and creative use of colours.
  • Understand changing light conditions
  • Photography in Manual and Bulb mode.
  • Creative use of filters
  • Useful equipment – sometimes less is more!
  • Without a doubt you will be taking many photographs and have loads of fun!

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